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The docs and technicians at Gateway care more about the quality of life for your vet than your feelings. It sounds harsh, but it’s actually wonderful. They have a no frills, no b.s. approach to treating your pet. If your pet isn’t in pain, there’s no need to do exploratory surgery. If your pet is in pain, they’ll do everything they can to alleviate it and work on a plan to find the problem and treat it asap. If you’re just there for shots, that’s all you’re getting. They’re not adding on anything unless you ask for it. It’s the only place in LA I haven’t been upsold.

I used to go to a super expensive vet in the valley. Every time my dog went in for a foxtail removal or shot, it was always well-over 300 dollars plus warnings that I should plan on having dog undergo surgery fora hip replacement or a 1800 teeth cleaning. Gateway docs have a great way of putting everything in perspective. My pup’s hips are doing great (with no surgery) and the 1800 teeth cleaning was done at Gateway for 300 bucks. My 10-year-old dog has never felt better and it’s thanks to the crew at the clinic.

Danielle E. Los Angeles, CA