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It is a walk-in only but they are fast, efficient and friendly (very!). I had a terrific and thorough doctor – Dr. Sibyl Palanco. She took all the time necessary to find out the problem, diagnose, present the plan and when I couldn’t afford all of it, she worked with me on that… The assistants were also very cheerful and helpful – Blanca was helping me out with the organization of vaccine documentation and also helping me stay within my financial means… the costs are very reasonable. The staff called me immediately with test results and on top of that, Dr. Palanco called today to follow up with the remaining test results! High grades in my book…They take CareCredit cards – a plus for me!

p.s. after reading these stories, I am sorry to hear of the bad experiences here… my heart breaks for you who have lost pets… I lost a father to a doctor’s misdiagnosis – and a drug that was taken off of the market – people are only human and make terrible mistakes sometimes…

Lori L. Burbank, CA