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I brought in two feral cats to be fixed. Turns out one was female. That procedure is actually a surgery requiring general anesthesia and a lot of vets prefer that you leave her overnight to be monitored. Which is fine if you can afford it. In this case, I preferred to do the monitoring myself, but they wanted to keep her overnight on an IV. The last time I had a pet stay somewhere on an IV the cost was slightly astronomical. So I said, well, ok. Could you tell me how much that will be? No cost at all. 🙂

They were very nice. And of course they participate in the city’s TNR voucher program. Which already moves them up a notch in my book. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t seem to give out those vouchers anymore… But that’s neither here nor there for Gateway Animal Hospital. Based on my experience here (which did not involve dealing with the actual vet(s)), I am giving them four stars.

Lana T. Los Angeles, CA