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This place has helped my dog, Abby, since she was a pup. They even saved her life when she ran out of the door and into the streets when she was a year old. Can’t thank emm enough for that!

Now she’s an older dog (11 years old and still going strong) with needed attention for her eyes, yet again the people at gateway have been nothing but supportive and helpful. I was one of the last ones to show up there on a Saturday, but they still make time for you. The girl at the front was very polite and helpful. They could’ve easily said “Hey we’re closing at 12. No more visits.” But they didn’t.

The place is always busy and the waiting might test your patience. But it’s worth it if they’re going to help your pet out. Dr. Prezkov, was my doctor to go to. He’s been so caring and really helps you understand the problems that your animal might have and how to treat it.

I’ve recommended this place to a friend and she got wonderful service. It’s by far cheaper than other Vet places. But the service they’ve done is great. I keep going back!

Christine A. Glendale, CA