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I also like that they’re a walk-in clinic, so you don’t have to setup an appointment (this works better for me). I walked in, signed up, filled out one sheet for being my first time there, and waited 10, maybe 15 minutes. There were a few people ahead of me.

Once the receptionist told me to enter the exam room, Dr Jimerson came in a minute later. He was so friendly and nice, it really made the whole thing super comfortable. Before even starting he wanted to know my cat’s history, and meanwhile was saying hello to him through the carrier. He performed an examination and looked into the reason I brought him in. Dr. Jimerson took the time to explain to me what he thought was going on and why – and he was thorough, took his time, and was joking and making small talk with me.

The receptionists were great too. Milling around behind the desks with their work, but always attentive to everyone in the lobby, and they did so with calm (amidst all the barking dogs and what must be normal animal hospital ambiance).

I walked out with three medications, and eye test and a physical examination for a little over $100 dollars. I was surprised, and happily so.

Most definitely found my vet.

Jay C. Los Angeles, CA