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Having recently adopted two kittens, we were looking for a low cost neuter clinic. My vet wanted $200-250 per cat for the procedure! Gateway was on a list that the Burbank Animal Shelter was kind enough to provide. I was on the fence after reading the mixed Yelp reviews until a neighbor recommended them. They pointed out that because the facility is walk-in only and doesn’t take appointments, some Yelpers might be disgrunted, but they felt their cats always got quality care at affordable prices. (Office visits average $40 vs. $60 at my current, well previous, vet.)

So, I took my kittens in. Although they don’t take appointments, the website recommends calling regarding surgeries to make sure they can accomodate, which I did. I got there right at opening and had to wait about 20 minutes to get checked in. The waiting room is small and a little chaotic, but once I got into an exam room, I found the vet (Dr. Cisneros) to be very kind and patient. He even noticed a minor eye defect on one of the kittens that most vets would have overlooked during a cursory pre-neuter exam.

A receptionist called me around noon to update me about the kittens progress (as opposed to ME having to call THEM) and I picked them up later that afternoon. I was very happy with the experience and at $65 per cat, was much happier than I would have been with the other vet. They accept vouchers for LA city residents which brings the cost down even more (but I was ineligible since I live in Burbank.)

The capper was receiving a (handwritten) card in the mail today from them, welcoming us as clients and thanking us for choosing them to take care of my furry companions. That is customer service above and beyond in this day and age. They recognize that they are in a competitive business and they don’t rest on the fact they charge less.

I would give them 5 stars if I had more experience with them, but I will definitely go back, even though they are a decent trek from my hood and don’t take appointments.

Cici G. Burbank, CA