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In-House Laboratory

Gateway Animal Hospital is equipped with an in-house diagnostic laboratory capable of performing a complete series of diagnostic tests for your pet. If your pet is having a medical emergency, his or her condition must be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Our advanced laboratory is capable of processing a number of tests, including complete blood counts (CBC), blood chemistry panels, fecal tests and many others. Our specially trained, experienced veterinary technicians are capable of processing and interpreting your pet’s lab results quickly and accurately.

Blood Chemistry & Lab Profiles

Gateway Animal Hospital Offers the latest technology in the process and analysis of your pets blood chemistry panel.

IDEXX VetTestĀ® Chemistry Analyzer

IDEXX SNAPĀ® Reader Analyzer

Our lab is on site at our hospital and able to answer most questions right away. When the profile needs further evaluating or testing, we work hand and hand with some of the finest laboratories. These results are delivered quickly back to our hospital via computer and become a permanent part of your record here at our hospital.